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EWM Staging Request error in SAP DM

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Hello all,

Im facing an error in the EWM staging request error in DMC. When I release a order from S/4 I could receive the order in DM and also at the same time PMR is created in EWM. But I couldnt find any order in Mange Staging 2.0 app.

It giving some BAPI error from the S/4 side as attached in the Image.

English version of the error -

errorCode": "collaboration.executionError.external",

"message": "500 - Exception:\tjavax.script.ScriptException: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.Exception: \r\n-----EWM BAPI errors begin-----\r\nTask 000001002766, ReservPos. 0001 is MES-relevant; create task from LANF;\r\nThe system has ignored line 1 of the input table IT_STAGE_SINGLE;\r\nTask 000001002766, ReservPos. 0002 is MES-relevant; create task from LANF. \r\nThe system has ignored line 2 of the input table IT_STAGE_SINGLE;\r\nThe system has ignored line 3 of the input table IT_STAGE_SINGLE;\r\nPlease enter consistent input data;\r\nIt is not possible to create staging LBs for the input table IT_STAGE_SINGLE. LBs can be created for the entries made\r\n-----EWM BAPI errors end-----\r\n@ line 16 in ProcessBapiReturn.groovy\n"

This is the CPI log Image

Could anyone tell me what is the real issue. No problem with the integration part, I assume.
But please let me know if anyone knows the issue here. Thanks for your time and Information.

With Regards,

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please check customizing settings. Its something about the staging method configuration.

Here the guide:

Kind regards,