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Error on setup of Discrete Production Orders in Order POD within SAP Digital Manufacturing

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Dear Community ,
For executing our Production Orders in Order POD as mentioned in blog we have done the minor setup. We are able to pull the ERP Orders in this POD and create the batch. 

We are having few gaps in our Order POD.

1. After releasing the order from Manage Order, SFC created and Order will come to POD and we have completed the Quantity confirmation of all the planned operations. The SFC status changed in completed. 

But the progress Bar(both SFC & Order Chart) is still showing 0.





2. When we are trying to do the Material Consumption Material Consumption using Formulas field is disabled , We are not able to post the Consumption.


3. For Goods Receipt posting, We are able to create the batch, when we are trying to post the Goods receipts We are unable to see the batch details and but not able to post the GR. 



Also we getting errors in CPI for batch creation.


Thanks in Advance !!
Utkarsh Raj
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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi, see some comments below:
1 - Progress bar move as you post Goods Receipt, not Quantity Confirmations.
2 - You can't post Goods Issue in this case because your 'Available Quantity' is 0, as shown on your screenshot. You must first sync stock from ERP to DM, see:
3 - CPI logs explicitly says your material is not batch managed in ERP. Perhaps your material master is out of sync between ERP and DM? I suggest you review your material master with regards to batch management in ERP and sync your material(s) again to DM.
Hope it helps,