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Error in MSDS Import using CG36VEN

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We have upgrade the EHP from 2 to 6 for SAP ECC. After the upgrade we observe there is an issue with Vendor MSDS import. When MSDS.Doc is imported, in CG50 the report does not open up. It comes up with the error


Whereas when the same MSDS is imported as MSDS.DOCX or MSDS.PDF, it is opening up in CG50. Is this due to .doc extension not supported?



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We are facing the same issue in S/4 HANA system. When the PDF documents are uploaded through CG36VEN, they are successfully imported but when try to open in CG50, we get error as:

Internal error: REPORT_DISPLAY SAPLC1G2 9

WWI Generated reports are opening correctly.

I am able to create documents directly with document type IBD directly in CV01N so I guess issue is not with DMS configuration. It was working fine but recent change in KPro settings have created this issue and not able to find the exact issue.

Appreciate early reply.



Niraj Sikligar

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please start new thread. Explain in detail set up of "DMS" and "KPRO" etc.; i assume: if you check DMS direct you can open the "imported" file without a problem?


PS: with some release of SAP ERP some "minor" changes happened in some area (report category); this can may be one reaons of the problem; but to use just "debug" (or analyse teh dump in more detail) should help as well


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HI Murali,

Do you got any solution for this.We observer same issue after EHP6 upgrade.

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Dear Murali

I did not complety catch your problem.  To import a report you have two options:

a.) use standard  report import process

b.) use special transaction to import the report (desined especially for vendor SDS/MSDS)

In both cases you should not "mix" the document type. That means: if you have a "pdf" this is dofferent to a "*doc". I havn't check the cosutomizing. But if OYu use fpr both the document type "IBD" it may not work.

Therefore these would be my recommendations:

a.) check the ESTDH entries of report

b.) you will get the "WWI document key"

c.) then use SAP DMS functionality to check content of report (can you display ?...)

d.) then check generation variants as used and link to document type in customizing

e.) you should may be check if you succeed to import  report and display it using the "standard import" process as well.


To my knowledge: only with EnhPack  the "special" transaction" is improved but not with EnhPack 6.