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Error during GLM Label Preview - Function WWI_PRINTREQUEST_CREATE is not available

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Hi GLM Experts,

I setting up GLM label generation using Print Request functionality. I am getting the following error message.

Error during WWI server call for print request 000000000028

Message no. CBGLBC120


An error occurred when calling the WWI server WWI1 to execute the RFC function WWI_PRINTREQUEST_CREATE: A connection to the WWI server could not be established (Function WWI_PRINTREQUEST_CREATE is not available).

System Response

The RFC function for processing the print request 000000000028 on the WWI server is not executed.


Check whether the correct data for the RFC destination is specified in the WWI server configuration.

This error can also occur if the WWI server WWI1 is not available. Therefore, check whether there is an error on the WWI server.

Procedure for System Administration

Check the configuration of the specified RFC connection and whether a network connection to the WWI server WWI1 can be established

Function module WWI_PRINTREQUEST_CREATE is present system. Please let me know if you have come across this issue.

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Answers (3)

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Subhash and Dinesh,

Thanks for you reply. Label generation is happening if I setup the labeling scenario for direct printing. I am getting this error only if I setup the scenario of print request generation.

I have setup the WWI setting and configured the print station and printer but still getting this error.

Do you have information on WWI server version that supports the print request functionality?

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Dear Pugazhenthi

it is always a good idea to use recent version of WWI. At least you should have SP 32 installed.

May be

could be of interest. Same:

Recent discussoin in this FORUM should that the new "GLM+" seems not easy to be used.

It seems to be that WWI set up is not done "right" (or SAP <=> WWI contection is a problem)


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Hi !

Of course, for "Print Request Generation", you need GLM + and WWI Generation server of SP 31 and higher. (Now SP 32 is available). you can check that in service market place.

In short, to use all the features in GLM +, you need wwi generation server(EHS WWI 3.2) with support package 31 or higher and also the WWI Generation servers has to be in Unicode mode.


Subash Sankar.

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Thanks Christoph and Subash,

Upgrade to SP 32 fixed the problem.

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Dear Shanmugham,

Please check if the RFC is working fine, CGSADM is working fine, WWI servers are working fine using CG5Z. The service might have stopped.Test the servers ad it should work fine now.

Test the function again using the print request functionality.



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Hi !

Check whether you have done this IMG activity,

Environment, Health and Safety -> Global Label Management -> Prerequisites for Global Label Management -> Define WWI Settings -> Configure WWI Server for Print Request Generation.

In the above mentioned path, you have to maintain the RFC destination from the Source system to the WWI Server.

If this do not solve your problem, try this (hope the need for this step doesn't exist. but depends on how you configured  your WWI Gen server / maintained the system landscape for WWI Gen. Server ),

Environment, Health and Safety - > Global Label Management -> Specify Labeling Scenarios for Label Printing -> Define Print Scenarios.

Select Labeling Scenario, " Del_Request", navigate to 'RFC Destinations' in the left side pan. There you can maintain the RFC destinations depending on how you maintained your EHS system & WWI server & Logistic system.


Subash Sankar