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Enable Yield confirmations during resource status "Unscheduled Down"

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Dear SAP ME Community,

We are using SAP ME Version: Base Counter 202202081311

In our production we have often the scenario, that a resource has an unexpected downtime which leads to the resource status “unscheduled down” from Time Element Type “unscheduled down”.

In this case the operator would like to confirm the produced yield parts. Unfortunately, then we will get the failure message, see below

  • Error message “Resource XY is not ready (Message 13033)”

This confirmation is relevant for us! We don't would like to change the resource or the status because the downtime will be send by the machine and should affect the availablitiy rate (OEE) correctly.

So, our question is

  • Why it is not possible to confirm yield parts during an unscheduled down resource status
  • There are SAP best practices to overcome this issue?

Step to Step guidance to reproduce this issue:

  1. Open POD – Work Center Touch
  2. Change resource status to productive via resource maintenance dialog (Activity EN030)
  3. Start production order (Activity PR500)
  4. Change resource status to unscheduled down via resource maintenance dialog (Activity EN030)
  5. Click, complete production order (Activity PR510)
  6. Confirmation failed, following error message pops up: Error message “Resource 651410 is not ready (Message 13033)”

Thank you for your support

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Answers (2)

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I am having also the same topic, the confirmation here does not complete the SFC rather it only makes a partial confirmation of a certain quantity not the full quantity. That is of course helpful for example when a user is changing shifts to document their finished quantities even if the machine is not running. Is there a reason why this is not possible in standard?

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As I remember, if you complete a part of SFC qty, this triggers an ERP confirmation for that partial qty. It is a standard behavior.

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Unscheduled Down means that a resource is not in a state of executing operations. However, you say that actually you still can complete the processed SFCs. So, it is a contradiction between your actual course of events at the shop floor and what you emulate in SAP ME.

To let the operator complete SFCs being in work, you should set Pending Status to Unscheduled Down, instead of triggering an immediate change for the Status. I guess this can be done by means of Change Equipment Status or respective PAPI call.