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Embedding DMS Documents within CG42 Report Template

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Hi All,

We are using EH&S and DMS and would like to combine these two into a CG42 report template. Through CG02, we have created specifications where we would like to have some value assignments instances take advantage of the user-defined text tab to pull in documents from DMS. We have configured the system to successfully link in the DMS document info record into the user-defined tab within the value assignment area of CG02 and can view the DMS documents by double clicking on that reference.

In taking this to the next step, we would like to embed this document into our report template definition. Mind you that some of these documents are .pdf containing text and graphics. Within CG42, we go to the specification symbol that we want and open the area called ADDITIONAL INFO, which then opens to other symbols, one of which is "ESTDF Additional Information - User-Defined Text". When we open that node, it provides us with many attributes as options that we can embed within the report template. The only one that relates to content is "GESTDHEADE HEADER Start of UD Text ". It appears that all this does is just repeat the link that was specified in CG0 when we use the command to include that in the report template and then do a preview on the report.

In reading some SAP Help Documentation in the section for user-defined text, I'm led to believe that you can embed these into the report template but I have not been able to do so thus far. The only thing I can do is embed information about the user-defined text into the report template.

Can someone shed some light if this is feasible?

By the way, we are already embedding graphic logos by relating it to a phrase and keeping these images in a folder on a file server. If we must, we can use that approach but I'd really lile to keep these documents in DMS as a controlled document.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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please consult online help. Take a look here:

Chapter: Symbol Type: Specification

Subchapter: Output of Document Management Documents

The description is ok and in my opinion a good starting point.

Hope this helps.


PS: is helpful too.

Chapter: User-Defined Texts and Documents

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Thanks Chris! The reference to the [DocumentTypes] section of the wwi.ini where I had to define an entry for a PDF file was a help. I was able to get various DMS documents embedded within the report output template. Thanks your your hint.