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EHS : Waste Management ( Why PO is created)

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Hi All,


I am working on EHS scenarios. I need your help in Waste Management module.

While working on the same, I need to know why PO is created in this process?

After creating entry document( where we enter the amount of waste needed to be disposed), why we need procurement?

Is it for the procurement of items needed for disposal?

As i have very limited knowledge in EHS, please help in this regard.

Thanks and regards

Tarun Gupta

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Tarun,

The items (Waste Materials) that has to be disposed through a vendor is mentioned in the PO(Purchase Order).

I think you should get to know the process flow in EHS-WA to get to know on why a 'purchase order' is required.

From Industrial perspective, the when a waste is generated during a process, it is collected and kept in storage bins based on the nature (hazardous/non-hazardous) of the waste. A threshold limit will be there for the storage bins/locations. This stored waste is either given to some vendors for the safe disposal or is sold to any parties/customer or send for recycling. If it is given to vendors for the safe disposal, you are giving the vendor money and asking to do the disposal and hence you have to create a Purchase order. And, if you are selling it to a customer or if revenue is generated from the waste, you create a Sales order for the disposal.

In SAP, the disposal processing starts with the creation of an entry document (WA-MM) when the waste is generated. The generated waste is then transferred of waste to storage locations/bins via inventory posting (MM). The posted quantity in the bins are cleared by creating purchase order/sales order through proper channel depending on the business (MM/SD). You create a Disposal Document then (WA). Invoice & Release of payment is carried out (FI). The Waste Manifest is printed (WA).

Process Flow Summary:-

Entry Document --> Inventory Posting--> Purchase Order for ext disposal--> Create Disposal Document-->Invoice and Release of Payment--> Print Waste Manifest.


WA - Waste Management

MM - Material Management

SD - Sales & Distribution

FI - Finance

For detailed reference, go through Purchase Order - Waste Management (EHS-WA) - SAP Library



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Thank you so much for the info Chris. That was very helpful.

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Dear tarun

Small add in chris information , As per SAP Standard process if you have dispose your generated waste , first you have to Outline Agreement (type of Purchase order) in ME31 for bulk qty per Anum and the same has to be maintained in PO Column in disposal channel tab the of  Business partners (Waste generators & Disposers).

After that in day to day to business if the waste ready to dispose , the vendor will come to collect the waste , at this stage we are creating the purchase order for that waste which will take the reference qty from outine agreement.

Here if you are recycling the waste and reselling the product , then choose the Waste & recycle Management solution which helps you in process of recycling products.


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Very interesting subject, I would like to ask you for the Sales doc. field.

It seems like you can sale a waste but in the entry document I get a warning if I include a customer as the waste disposer.

I don't see either where or how to call the sales order from document entry.

Maybe I should open a new thread for this question but I thought it was an extension for the original one.



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Hi Alvaro,

It only seems like you can sale a waste, if you want you use in the disposal channel:

  • A sales orden item
  • A purchase requisition item (you can see this option in customizing).

You must to create the needed functions, you can use the PO function as a template.



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Thank you for replying, I was already started to prepare a function for the sales process. I was wondering if there were already a module function ready for it as there is for a purchase order.

The documentation is a little bit confuse.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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It's simple to explain why a PO is needed. You need transport, you need a waste disposer, This is done using standard SAP functions like a PO. When you want to create a PO in background you are able to use the standard function modules for creating an PO. In the Function module you define the type of PO that has to be created.

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Hi Kees/ Cheris

I am also doing same, while posting documnt error is coming "enter movement type".

could you pls help where to add movement type and what are the steps

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a "movement type" is needed to indicate what action is required, This is as well related to "inventory" etc. topic (do you remove one materil from stock or add it). The movement type is related to basis SAP ERP set up and does have no "direct" relation to SAP EHS

Check: e.g.

Goods Movements - Materials Management (MM) - SAP Library


Goods Movement Types in SAP MM | SAP Materials, Documents, Tutorials

Movement Types in SAP-MM

Steps To Create New Movement Types in SAP MM

Ask a SAP ERP expert for support regarding this (hjow to do set up, how to use it etc.)