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EHS user acceptance

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Dear EHS gurus,

It seems there EHS module is very niche and the documentation is not that huge compare to other SAP module.

I am wondering if anyone of you out there can sent me a copy of UAT document which I can practise by my myself on the following areas:

1 - Product safety, 
2 - Hazardous substance management,
3 - Dangerous Goods

I know this is not allow on the forum rule on this action, however is there a way that you can show me any UAT document on the above topics on the website.

I try to provide an email to you but the forum seems not allow regardless what method i tried.

you can try the following:

yongyeow period ching at diagonal hypen consulting period com

the period is the .

Thanks a lot


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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first I can not confirm that documentation regarding EH&S is bad. SAP has improved the documentation in the recent years and it is quite good in my opinion. Because of REACH and other legal topic EH&S is no "niche" product any more but is an important module in SAP in chemistry and similar industries. SAP has changed there strategy here. Now the have defined the "SAP Chemical Compliance" package. The integration of EH&S in other modules of SAP has been improved too.

second: the documentation you are requiring depends on SAP release you are using or would like to use and which functionality you would like to activate

third: the three modules PS, HSM and DG are the "core" modules of EH&S module. Such a document (an UAT document) will have a high number of pages; here the highest amount of work has to be done to my experience in the blue print phase, implementation and set up phase before you can use EH&S without problems

fourth; any company is using SAP EH&S a little bit different; therefore such an UAT document you are requiring does not exist

fith: to use EH&S you need good knowledge in these further modules:



and may be in

PP (if you would like to use thE BOMBOS interface)

and in some SAP Basis modules (e.g. class definition classes and characteristics) and Document Management etc.

sixth: installing EH&S: after installation of the SAP software the system is "empty" (therefore from user perspective not useful). First you need to define the business needs and depending on these needs there is a change in customizing required and a lot of programin etc.; furthermore with higher releases SAP has decided not to support sime user exists which there available in the past (example: calculation of the so called Status of registration). A number of company exists who are able to help you in preparing the se tup and content of EH&S.

So I am sorry: such an UAT document you are requiring is not available or if it would be available I would assume that nobody will pas it on

With best regards

PS: Please refer to the SAP documentation available. You will find documents regarding Bulding blocks (that means you will find information regarding the seqeunce of SAP moduöes you need to customize and to prepare before you can use EH&S. You will find more help regarding EH&S in the recent EH&S help at SAP (ECC 6.0 with may be Enhancement PAckage 4 if you would like to install this). A number of documents are still available describing lower SAP/EH&S releases.

Furthermore a high number of important information is available if you check the EHS& customizing (transaction spro) . Per topic there are a lot if hints you can use. And it is of high importance that you have discuess with you customer the business needs before you start to configure EH&S

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Answers (1)

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Hi Christopher,

I agree with your points. thanks

In between, I am wondering if you can provide me a set of standard SAP question with regards to EHS project implementation?

I notice that there are some standard project implementation on module MM and SD in the internet, however there seem zero on EHS module.

Thus, I am wondering if you can provide me some of the basic and standard questions which we have to know to check with our business user in this area?



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let us assume you would simply like to use EH&S PS module.

As explained the EH&S system is "empty" (that means onyl such customizing is available which delivers SAP by standard but e.g. no phrases, ro report templates (ony an example) etc.)) if you start. Now you have to do a lot of customizing to prepare necessary setup. These are the core tasks:

1.) check number ranges you would lkie to use

2.) prepare phrases (phrase library etc.)

3.) Check basis EH&S customizing like: which specification type you would like to use, which identifer etc.

4.) Check property tree which is delivered

5.) prepare DMS (to generate later e.g. a MSDS)

6.) Check who will maintain which data (matter of access concept which need to be defined)

7.) Check which material typse need a link to EH&S objects

8.) Think about the question: how many objects need to be maintained at the start; who will provide the data and maintain it later (matter of training etc.)

9.) What about MSDS deklivery? needed? if so a high number of further customizing and may be programming is required

10.) Preparation/set up of WWI (to generate later a MSDS)

11.) etc.

So even if you would like to use only EH&S PS the number of questions to be answered are high. In most cases you need assistance of external SAP EH&S consultants to prepare the EH&S.

Regarding preperation of EH&S: in the coremodules of EH&S SAP is providing bulding blocks to do so (giving you an overview which customizing is "mandatory" etc.). In my opinion these are a good starting point to check: there can you find this topic in IMG and how to change it? etc.

With best regards