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Dear all

now as REACH is fully active (mid of 2018) questions are raised which never been raised before. SAP is providing some SAP Consulting notes regarding the "out of scope" part of SVT; but not all topics are addressed.

Therefore: this is the question:

In SAP MM process some times "returns" are needed to the supplier. As long as the return is handled with the same purchase order. The "counting" in SVT is done correct

Now in SAP SD there is as well some chance to have an import (according REACH; (I will not exaplin the details here)

But in most cases the "return" is handled different; therefore: This is a typical process which is used:

1.) Sales order

2.) Delivery

3.) Goods Movement

4.) INvoice

5.) Generation of a "return" sales order (linked to the invoice)


The documents are linked to each other. I belive SVT can not handle this situation (or only if you use own coding)

Question 1: do you use similar processes? (returns in SAP SD process)

Quuestion 2: did you find a solution for "clearing" the amounts as counted? (frist part is an "import"; second part is an export)?

What is clear; if the "return" would not be related to the original Sales order: Noi chance for SVT to handle this..


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Christoph,

As far as I know, there is no standard solution to handle this scenario.You would need to develop our own coding for this.

You could create an own program to determine such return quantities and store this in own tables. This information can then be used by the function modules for Volume Monitoring and Online checks to adjust the current quantities.

Another approach would be to update the standard tables. This approach might work for the "Confirmed" quantities but not so sure about the "Planned" quantities. A good design should be prepared together with the OTC colleagues.



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