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Dear EHS Experts,

I'm currently setting up the configuration for MSDS to make it work.

Right now i want to preview the template created. I tried clicking the "check template" button and prompted no error on the template. Upon clicking the "start preview" button, I was provided with a screen which requires me to populate the following:


Generation variant

Status Check


Key Date

The only missing is the "specification". I tried to check the possible options but failed to find one and it avoided me to proceed further. I believe this involves configuration of Specification. I checked SPRO and followed the EHS>Basic Data and Tools>Specification Management>Specification Master>Specify Specification Types path. Please enlighten me if the below configuration is correct:

Specification Types - (TEMPLATE - Template)?

--Specification Category for Specification Type - (GGCLASS - Dangerous    Goods Classification)?

--Specification Type - Property Tree Assignment - (DG_CL_TREE)?

--Referencing Between Specification Types - (TEMPLATE)?

--Tab Pages for Specification Type - (HEAD)?

With the given data above, please let me know if there are still steps or configurations needed especially for Specification. Can you also provide a step if i dont want that may report to be referenced from a specification as i understood the report may or may not be referenced to any specification.

Again, a carload thanks in advance for your help and guidance.

Kind regards,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mark,

That is true, To preview the wwi must give the specification and generation variant details.

It is not related to configuration issue. purely master data.

1. You must create the specification data in system T. codes CG02BD/ CG02/ CGCL2 etc.,

2. Generation vairant must be there to pick the report. T.code CG2B

3. Status check, & Key date can ignore.

4. Language "EN"will be picked up automatically. so you can continue with that for time being.

You must understand the difference between the material and specification. and also important how the integration between the Material master and EHS database.

Specification -

Report Generation Variant -

for your question  - "i dont want that may report to be referenced from a specification" -

It is not possible, to create the wwi report without specification reference. In EH&S Material doesn't have the own database as such. specification database is linked to the material master.

How can the specification linked to Material Master -

Try to understand the EH&S business with your client. Most of the clients business fits within SAP standard config. in this area.



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Hi Kamal,

Thanks for the guidance. Im able to preview the template without error and released the same. Can you share me what would be the next step? Thanks again in advance.

Kind regards,


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`Hi Mark.

You would follow the SAP Best practices, search for them in this forum.


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Hi Mark,

I can understand your situation. you are in learning stage of EHS module. It is very difficult even for the senior guys to create the MSDS (or) SDS template from scratch. we will follow the practice by importing (or) copying the standard SDS template from SAP and do some changes, whereever required.

first try to focus on the below things, before you integrate with SD module for report shipping.

1. Create WWi SDS template.

2. Create Generation Variant.

3. Create specification in specification workbench.

4. Maintain the correct property in specification workbench for data.

5. Test the SDS report template in specification workbench by using above template and generation variant.

6. ensure that you have the report ready in released status.

for doing above things, it will take good amount of time.

If you are confident enough with your released report, that data is fetching correectly and no blanks in the report.....later on you can focus on report shipping part.

Regarding report shipping part, you will find lot of threads.

Good Luck!!



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Dear Kamal,

I have prepared a step by step screenshots based on your latest reply. Its in word format and i couldnt find any format to convert the said file for me to attach it in the discussion. Can you provide me your email address instead? Thank you so much!

Kind regards,


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Dear Mark

please check SAP Help protal. There are a number of helpful explanations regarding your topic:

Check these chapters:

Example: Layout of an Abridged Material Safety Data Sheet

Example: Separation of Value Assignments

Example: Compositions in Table Form

Example: Discrete Expansion of Multiple Value Assignments

Integration of Dangerous Goods Data in Material Safety Data Shee

Regarding WWI templating etc.

Refer to :

These subchapters:

Document Template Layout Editing

Document Template Editing

Generation Variant Editing

Try to start "simple". E.g. create in CG02 a specificaiotn and mainatain an identifier and try to "print" it using WWI


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