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EHS: REACH Compliance: Value assignment type was not yet generated

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EHS: REACH Compliance: Customizing for this value assignment type was not yet generated

We are testing REACH Compliance requirements and below issues are facing.

We created Substance (Example-D184) and material assignment completed (Example : MAT001).


We tried to register (Tcode: CG02) legal entity and tonnage band in Property Tree Standard Properties u2013 REACH Registration, but we are getting message u201CCustomizing for this value assignment type was not yet generatedu201D


We completed the following steps:

1. Registration - Legal entity and tonnage band in Property Tree u2013 RCS for other substance and material.

2. Execution - (Tcode : SA38, Program :RREGCH_FILL)

3. Creation of process order for the material

After execution of (Tcode : SA38, Program :RREGCH_VT), we are getting message u201CPlanned entries: 0; entries to be deleted: 0u201D

Please help us to solve the issues.

Edited by: Senthilkumar on Apr 29, 2009 4:34 PM

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Answers (3)

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Very useful information.

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1) The answer to your first question is definately in set up table based value assignments in spro.Please check there whether your value assignment exists for the specification type you are working. e.g REAL_SUB.

2) For your second question.

Check the material is made Reach relevant,

Check the environment parameter defined for material class in spro.

The rating and validity period must match the settings in Customizing.

Check that after the RREGCH_FILL program run the three tables are updated?

this three tables are CCRCT_EHS_COMP , CCRCT_EHS_REG, CCRCT_EHS_SLIMIT. If this tables are updated correctly

If all the above is ok then check the function modules in Specify Data Determination per Regulation and Scenario in spro whether any of it is missing.


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Hi Senthilkumar,

Let me try to help,

Issue 1: it seams like you are not executing in the spro the activity called "Set up table based value assignment", this should resolve that issue.

Issue 2: the execution of the programs you mention depends on the SVT configuration in the system. How you check the escenarios for SVT? If so, please check that the composition is entered and active and that there are new obejcts to track in SVT (i.e. new sales order for a materials marked as REACh relevant)

Hope that this helps,

Best regards,