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EHS implementation question.

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Hi all,

I am wondering if you can provide me a set of standard SAP question with regards to EHS project implementation?

I notice that there are some standard project implementation on module MM and SD in the internet, however there seem zero on EHS module.

Thus, I am wondering if you can provide me some of the basic and standard questions which we have to know to check with our business user in this area?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Karen,

I am not sure of the standard set of questions for EH&S business scenarios. But, alternatively you may ask any organization for available business processes under their EH&S management. Following are the classification of the important EH&S business processes as per the best business practices. Hence, to start with (even before going to the level of specific questions if at all you can finally compile them), in my opinion one should ask for the relevance of following businesses to any organization. Once following is answered, one should get first hand idea of the EH&S business and the amount of effort it would take to replicate it in SAP EH&S.

Main Process Sub Process description

Product Safety

Maintaining and updating substance data

Creating and releasing Safety Data Sheets

Dangerous Goods

Carrying out dangerous goods check

Dangerous goods master

Check for DG relavent for Materials

Industrial Hygiene and safety

Defining work areas

"Integration of storage locations for

hazardous substance register"

Maintaining exposure profiles

Defining safety measures

Create Injury/Illness log

Edit Accident / Incident Log

Risk Assessments

Occupational Health

Assignment of Person to Health centre

Assign protocols to Persons

Medical Serive for Persons with Protocol

Medical Servive appointments

Waste Management

Create entry document

Create purchase order

Create disposal document

Hazardous substance Management

Display hazardous substance

"Determine and report hazardous

substance inventory"

Global Label Management

Label data in Material master

Label stock

Label category

Customer specific labels

Hope above classification helps.



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Answers (1)

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first you need to specify which EH&S submodule you would like to install/use. Generally of interest are:

EH&S PS (ProductSafety)

EH&S DG (Dangerous Goods)

Furthermore you could use e.g. BOMBOS interface, Substance Volume Tracking etc. SAP has prepared this ordering in their online help:

EHS-BD => a must to use EH&S

EHS-SAF => corresponds to PS

EHS-HSM => an add on to handle PS topics in logistic


EHS-WA => Waste

EHS-HEA => Occupational Health

EHS-IHS => industrial Hyiene

You will more information here using the links regarding other "submodules" like GLM (Global Label Managment) or SVT.

Using the following linke tyou wil get an "rough" overvierw which SAP module need to be checked during an EH&S installation:

Based on the business decisions you have to check which integration to which other SAP module must be checked. At least MM and SD are relevant in most scenarios (as well as CA-CL and CA-DMS)

Conclusion: no easy answer exist to your question.

With Best regards