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EHS document attachment storage category BS_ATF_DB hard coded?

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I have fully configured SAP EHS incident management using Fiori and am able to create document attachments using the Fiori UI.

The challenge I have is that the storage category I assign to the attachment type schema DEFAULT (which is assigned to my business object EHHSS_INCIDENT and others) in SPRO (Cross-Application Components -> Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications -> Reusable Objects and Functions for BOPF Environment -> Dependent Object Attachment Folder -> Maintain Attachment Type Schema) is completely ignored and BS_ATF_DB is always used.

I have used category BS_ATF and I have also created my own category in OACT using document area BS_ATF. But when I assign either to attachment schema DEFAULT, my entry is ignored and the system still uses category BS_ATF_DB.

Is this category BS_ATF_DB hard coded or is there any other setting I need to change to use a different category?

Thanks for your help?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Dear Martin,

the storage category (BS_ATF_DB or BS_ATF) is not hard-coded in any place. However, once you have created an Incident record, the storage category is not changed anymore.

My best guess is that you have reported the Incident when the storage category was still BS_ATF_DB (which is not changed later). Would you please report another (new) Incident and try again?

In addition, would you also please check if the attachment schema DEFAULT is assigned to the Business Object EHHSS_INCIDENT (Assign Schema to BO Nodes).

With kind regards,


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Hello Michael,

you were right! I changed the attachment schema settings and reported a new incident and the custom settings (with a different storage category) were applied. I was even able to create a new attachment schema and assign that to my business objects in the schema configuration.

Thank you so much for your help! Five stars *****!


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