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EHS - CG36 - Import report - how to define MSDS version in key file?

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Dear all,

I have created the following key file, only the VER=1.3 is not taken in respect by the import process.

Does anybody know what I do incorrect? Or are the function modules: C13G_DOKX_SDB_IMPORT and C13G_DOKX_SDB_PREIMP not able to use the VER= coding for allocating the versioning of the MSDS in EH&S Report Information Management?












Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Roy Derks

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Roy

Short Answer:

the value "VER=1.3" in the key file does not drive the version of the raw report. This value in the key file will be stored in one of the characteristics which are linked to the document class (take a look in coding of the function moduls). You can check this value later if the report has been uploaded sucessfully either in cg50 or cg54 by clicking on th "info" button of the report; here you will find any information as provided in the key file.

Long answer: (in addition):

Based on the definition of your generation variant EH&S will create in the normal WWI process a version regarding the new report. Based on the "status" which is defined in the generation variant you have the chance to select the first main version to be used. E.g. if the status in generation variant is "Ready" as the default the raw report is either uploaded in the process or generated as "Ready". Now the user can interact to release the report (done in cg50). If this is the first report (combination of generation variant and language) on the sub id you can specify the first main version. The version ID is a character 5 field if I remember correct so the last potential version which is possibkle is 99999.99999 which can be generated using EH&S (what will happen if this value is exceded: i Have no idea)

I believe you can enter as the first version "0" without an error message. Therefore I am not sure if there is really any "check" routine behind the first version you could enter in the dialog process in EH&S.

A longer answer (in addition):

The VER value is used (or could be used) to store whatsoever value as long as the value does not exceed 30 characters. I believe you can use something like




etc. and the upload is done and this value is stored in the characteristic. I belive that none of the characteristic(s) do have an assigned check routine

From the point of the view of the user it would clearly be nice to generate a version 1.2 if on the paper is written 1.2 but this is not possible to my knowledge with this standard process.

Potentially it could be possible to think of "own" programming

As this upload process is done completely in an user exit which is defined in customizing (so you have the full options to do soemthing without modifications) you could analyze if it would be possilbe by using a copy of the standard function module (you must copy potentially both functoin modules) to force the system to use the version in estdh. I have never investigated this topic deeper but the question you are asking is asked often during the EH&S set up (project phase of implementation).

If there is a "real" benefit from the point of view of business/user etc. to have the "same" version shown in EH&S like is printed in the document... No idea. I believe this is a company specific decision like many other questions which could be asked in the sense: how to use EH&S and how to optimize it

With best regards


PS: sorry for the "format" of the answer.

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Answers (1)

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Hi, Roy/Christoph.

It's been a year since this topic... I'm faced with the same client requirement, came across your discussion, and wondering if you had the solution to this.

I'm on ECC6.0. My client requests to retain the Version of the MSDS at the time of export (CG54 Dok-X, VER key file data) when it gets imported to another system (CG36). Example (similar to Roy's): If the reports in export system are 1.0 and 2.0, then they must be created in the import system the same, not 1.0 and 1.1.

Apparently, as Christoph has stated the standard CG36 Import process doesn't make use of the VER key file data besides storing it into the Report's Additional Info (DMS Class charact.).

I tried to get around this via the user exit. In the IMPORT fm, I set the version/subversion of the report to be created but the C1F3 fm that does the actual report creation just ignores it. If you've done a similar approach, what have I missed? I'm also afraid if I have to clone the C1F3 fm...

I appreciate your thoughts and inputs.

Thanks in advance.

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Solution is to incorporate the logic used by tc CG36VEN, that is, the process of performing a direct table ESTDH update after the new report is saved into the database.

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