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The EHQL T code did not work properly when I tried to run interface from specification workbench . Let me know what kind of master data maintenance should be done in order to create Inpsection Plan from Spec work bench .

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Hello Gautham,

As far as I know, you need to follow the below mentioned steps inorder to get the inspection plan get created and you can view status of the created inspection plan in transaction EHQL.

1. Need to map the environment parameters in the backend with QM values. for ex: QM profile

2. Map the characteristics of EHS with the characteristics of QM with the help of the transaction

3. Then go to the transaction CG02 and open the relevant specification and click on create inspection plan. You get the pop up that the inspection plan is been created.

4. Now got to transaction EHQL and check that status of the inspection plan which will be in green.

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Dear Krishna

referring to

etc. The topic of EHS <=> QM interface is discussed rarely. I can not help as we don't use this interface but would propose to use "debug" and/or use sometimes transaction su53 to make sure that your SAP user does have the correct access rights. (and just try to figure out what is going wrong). If you just "google". a lot of smilar threads can be found. E.g. The SAP Fan Club Forums &amp;bull; View topic - EH&amp;amp;S and QM integration

On the top there is somethere a comment from SAP in this FORUM from Marko Lange (hes is a SAP representative) talking about EHS <=> QM interface and the "rare" use of this interface (but still looking for improvement in functionality).

Nearly 80% of the diiscussions which I found are related to your issues but in none of them a solution was proposed.

To my knowlegde: we have only the documentation in transaction "SPRO" (/customizing) for the set up of this interface;i am not aware of any other documentation which can help in set up of this interface.


PS: may be do a cross read here: Integration of Inspection Plans - SAP Library

As well: there is a limted number of"OSS notes" in this context (e.g. Note 1632463:QM interface: Restriction of characteristic types )

Note 1266104:QM integr: Cannot enter master insp. chars. in mapping table

BUt most of thema are quite old and I assume will not help you.

PPS: which SAP release do you use (with higher release there are some business functions etc. daling with QM innterface)

E.g. check db:: 4.51::EHS - QM Interface. Inspection Plan Creation 9c