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EH&S Work Area Versioning

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Hi All,

Is there anybody who can explain me, what's the procedure to assign a version to a work area? I mean that this link

is not enough because I can't understand (sorry but It's my first time on SAP) what is "change number" and how to define it.



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Hello Mark,

Change number u2013 under Engineering Change Management for substances, the change number has high priority. This function enables you to carry out data changes for a particular key date using a change number. Each change number is valid from a particular validity date so that the data have a validity period in accordance with change number. When we change existing data, the product safety creates a change comment that contains the person responsible for the change, and the change date. If any changes are made without using change number, the standard validity period will be assigned by the system, which may have long span of time and likely to interrupt the assignment at later stages. Chnage number shall be created from ECM screen.

Work area u2013 versioning: Version numbers are assigned to work area to determine if any changes are made to work area that is relevant or not to its predecessor. Every change made to a work area that has been checked into the master repository results in a new version of the object. Once a work area version has been checked in, it cannot be changed. Versioning is also important in the context of reusability. You can decide what version of a work area should be referenced in a given context and it can be ensured that the version referenced cannot be changed by the author. As seen from link, and also the work areas are central reference object for the processes. As the central references are key objects, it must be tagged with version number so as to identify the data of information, latest updates, author, information provider & so on. By using version number, it is easy to know the changes in the information available in the work area. Under work area, much flexibility is taken by defining processes, installations, person groups or tasks, specific versioning for the work area ensures to know the changes incorporated and generation of updated versioning. This enables for planning and visualization of sequences by using the latest versioned work area. Versioning of work area provides to flexibility of using the reference information on the objects for the processes in IH&S.

Thanks & regards,


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