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I heve recently aquired a customer by way of some XML expertise that at the outset of the project wanted me to communicate elements of MSDS updates via the eh&s occ.

The customer has mentioned that they have heard that the occ is end of life, however I cannot find anything from SAP to verify this. If true I dont want to go down this (depricated) path. One question would be that if this is in fact the status of the OCC is there a supported solution that would take it's place?

They have also stated that they use the 'CG02 Substance Master workbench' but I have been unable to get good documentation on this to see if I can import change and new record data.

Any advice or direction would be appreciated.

Regards, Jeff

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Jeff

a.) EH&S OCC is used to my knowledge only to perfom an upload into EH&S. It is used mainly in the area of an upload of regulatory data

b.) To my knowlegde EH&S OCC is still supported by SAP

In the area of XML exchange of MSDS data there exists up to now no global standard. Therefore SAP is not providing a solution up to now. In the area of automobile industry a XML standard to exchange MSDS data exist. In the past years any project which have been started in this area collapsed because no agreement was achieved in the context of phrase library which is important to import into EH&S

To my knowlegde SAP is not providing a standard solution to extract a MSDS from EH&S using XML.

To my knowledge: information how to use EH&S OCC is available by downloading the "WWI" package from SAP marketplace. In the WWI package to my knowledge the WWI, OCC and Expert download is combined. PLease try to find more information on SAP marketplace.

Conclusion: No SAP standard solution is available to exchange MSDS data via XML up to now. Assumption: no solution will be in place in the next 3 years.

SAP EH&S is delivered in such a way that customer solutions are in theory possible but if the benfit is high enough to aearch for a customer specific solution depends on the customer etc.

With best regards


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Answers (1)

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I'm presuming that an SAP forum is the correct place to ask this? (bump)

Update: SAP support couldn't answer my question and referred me to post here...................


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