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EH&S - MSDS Delivery processing - by e-mail

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Dear all,

we would like to configure the following process: The system has found a released MSDS, now it needs to be shipped sequently by: 1. E-mail, 2. Fax, 3. Print. Is this possible with standard SAP, that the systems checks wetherver there is an e-mail address, if not, whetever there is a fax number, if not, it should print the MSDS.

Looking to configuration (IMG): EHS Communication, it should be possible to use communication type INT (mail).


- How to configure,

- Where is the e-mail contact info data stored (Customer Master - EHS contact possible?)

- Is this Standard SAP?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Rob Greijmans.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Rob,

Try this,

Go to the IMG activity " Assign communication types" and put your priority in the field " Sequence" according to the Reason and Business process.



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Hi Rob,

the email adress needs to be stored in the function role SR (Special data sheet receiver).

This can be done by using transaction VAP1 (Contact person).

Make sure, that this contact person has the function SR assigned and that you have assigned SR as an entry in the environmental parameter SRE_DS_SDSREC.

The priority should be maintianed in customizing:

EH&S --> Product Safety --> Report Shipping --> Basic settings --> Assign communication type

Best regards,


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I would like to add only some remarks you need to take care about in using eMail techniques:

keep in mind that you need to investigate a little bit here. If you use eMail notification the following problems could occur:

a.) eMail server not available => repatch is needed (not supported in standard (or with high effort).

b.) the size of the eMail is not accepted by the email server (of the customer)

c.) by "standard" only one eMail address can be used

d.) The eMail could contain an RTF file or a pdf file or.. this need to be checked with the customer may be

By the way. In higher EH&S release there is a better support in using eMail in EH&S. Here you can use phrase to create e.g. eMail body etc. (like Dear ladies and Gentlemen; attached you will receive...)

PLease check OSS etc.

With best regards


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I agree with Christoph mail regarding the configuration but for the e-mail or the ehs recipient it can be configured using transaction CVD2 which will create the recipient if you want to send it for different country for the same customer using the country code.