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Dynamic column display

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I'm trying to produce a stacked bar chart of inventory vs time for our dashboard. Depending on the time of year, our users may wish to have different columns displayed on the bar chart. A canned chart will display, but I have had trouble getting it to keep up with the new columns.

I've tried using the javascript methods to change the ValueColumns for the display columns, but when I do that, I lose the date display.

I've tried using the javascript methods to update the XAxisDisplayColumn, but it won't display.

I've tried writing a .TDCH chart file to the web zone, but that doesn't work either - the chart won't load.

I can't find documentation on using the login service to import a .TDCH file

I'm using MII v12.0.10(15).


Adam Doyle

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Answers (2)

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How are you updating the chart after changing the value columns? If the query is time-based (such as a tag query), the applet refresh() method will update the start and end dates of the query, based on the current time less the duration/duration units, whereas the update methods will use the dates specified.

The updateChart(true) applet method reruns the query, and also updates any changes made to the iChart appletu2019s display elements.

The updateChart(false) applet method only updates changes made to the iChart appletu2019s display elements.

In my tests, I found that the updateChart(true) method was the one to use.

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

Diana Hoppe

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I tried something similar, and it worked for me using the following JavaScript functions:

- set the columns you want to display in the y axis:


- set the x axis column:


Maybe this helps.