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Down payment with Resource related billing not considering in DP91

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We are in process of establishing process Downpayment with Resource related billing.
Requirement is Initially against project customer will provide the downpayment and when doing the billing with reference to resource consumption downpayment should get deducted and either debit or credit memo get issued.
VF01 Downpayment received 100,000 USD
1st month Actual cost consumption on project 50,000 USD
DP91 RRB execution – Cr Memo 50,000 USD (100,000-50,000)
2nd Month Actual cost consumption on project 90,000 USD
DP91 RRB Execution – Dr Memo 40,000 USD
We have gone through following notes for completing required configuration for given scenario.
858702 - Consulting note for resource-related down payments
858703 - Customizing for resource-related down payment
983961 - Customizing for resource-related down payment (2)
But we are not getting expected result when we are executing DP91. Only actual cost is coming as output and downpayment is not getting considered.
Is anyone gone through this scenario and getting any result ? Please provide if you any solution to achieve this process.
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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Down payments are a special financial posting.  True Down Payments are consumed on the Accounts Receivable side.  RRB will generate an invoice for the full amount and post that as revenue to the P&L.  The AR will be the invoice amount minus the down payment.

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Hi Ken,

i got the flow which you have given. But want to know after completing all necessary customization in mentioned notes and as per given process in notes, after executing DP91 down payment amount should be reduced while generating debit memo. This is not happening. So want to know why it is not working. If anything more either from customization or process needs to be done ?

I have the example in my first post.