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Hi Support

i've created a connection between an equipment indicator and PLC Tag.

All works fine and i can read the Value in DMC using a Production Process.

Now i've got 2 problems

1) In Equipment - Monitoring : value and trend are not visible even if the indicator is connected to the TAG

2) I'm trying to display a visual indicator (Gauge) and a time Series with indicator Value but have no idea where i can found those function

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Antonio,

unfortunately the dashboard designer mentioned in the blog from 2020 has been deprecated and SAC does not provide a gauge for display. Neither does the POD designer.

Kind of a workaround at least to capture the data for some indicator and get it exposed is via data collections. You can define parameters which you then post in production process when reading indicator value. However, data collections require an SFC context. But at least the values would then be available in embedded SAC if you don't want to create a custom plugin for a POD.

As far as the indicator value exposure in the Equipment application is concerned, that section of the application is part of the Asset Central application which is not being used for Digital Manufacturing. Unfortunately it was technically not feasible to hide the Asset Central features not being used by Digital Manufacturing.

As you may know, we announced deprecation of the Asset Central usage in Digital Manufacturing and instead introduce a Digital Manufacturing Asset Model. There you will not find any indicator values exposed and it will as well not create the impression of any value display.

Best regards,