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Hi Support

i've created a connection between an equipment indicator and PLC Tag.

All works fine and i can read the Value in DMC using a Production Process.

Now i've got 2 problems

1) In Equipment - Monitoring : value and trend are not visible even if the indicator is connected to the TAG

2) I'm trying to display a visual indicator (Gauge) and a time Series with indicator Value but have no idea where i can found those function

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Antonio,

Digital Manufacturing application only leverages Equipment and Indicators for Connectivity and Automation. Indicator values of indicators mapped to tags are not persisted within the application. Hence, within the Equipment application, there are no values or trends exposed.

If you want an indicator value to be exposed in a POD today, you will need to create a custom plug-in accordingly. Latest value you can query by the Read Indicator service, persisting/caching the value or even a time series of values you will need to provide via a custom application.

With 2311, we are planning to enable a line monitor plugin to expose latest indicator values. Not as a gauge though.

Best regards, Harry

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Hello Harry

thank's for your answer. This is a very bad news as the function was present in previous version od DMC as you can see from this link

Anyway if the EQUIPMENT Application doesn't exponse values or trend why in the app i have those columns visible?

and why when i create the indicator i can express and Expeted Behaviour as iif i could make a comparasion with the actual trend ?

Am i missing something?

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Really thanks' for your fast answer.

I think that in product as DM the lack of features to show and indicator value and a trend releated to an Opc Ua Tag is a big problem. It's a typical requirement asked by the customer and a typical MES function expecially for process industry (ex control foundry process or food stherilization)

The possibility to link the Tag value to a Custom field in SFC TABS it's not enought because it's a spot value working only with a production in course.

I will try to implement my own extension with a cloud DB to store the values.