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Difference between smart forms and WWI templates

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Dear Experts,

Any one pls.can u help me what is the difference between smart forms and WWI templates..



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Dear Suresh,

You use Smart Forms to create and maintain forms for mass printing in SAP systems. Besides using the printer for standard output you can also select the Internet (by using a generated HTML output), a fax, or e-mail as the output medium.

In addition to the tool, SAP delivers a selection of forms for central business processes. This includes forms in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well as in the applications SD, FI, and HR.

Smart Forms offers the following advantages:

  • Creating and maintaining forms requiring half the time
  • Adapting forms without any programming knowledge due to entirely graphical user interface
  • Integrating input elements into the HTML output, which enables you to use a form in Internet applications as well
  • Smart Forms replace SAPscript forms. SAPscript forms will still be supported in the future; you can use them without making any changes for years to come. You can even use SAPscript texts in the Smart Forms. Migration of SAPscript forms into Smart Forms is supported.

Smart Forms allows you to execute simple modifications to the form and in the form logic by using simple graphical tools; in 90% of all cases, this won't include any programming effort. Thus, a user who is familiar with the tool but has only rudimentary programming knowledge can configure forms with data from an SAP system for the relevant business processes. The result of the form development is a Smart Form. After it is activated, the Smart Form is similar to a callable function module in the SAP system.

The logic of the form is mapped entirely in the Smart Form. To print a form, you call it from within an application program, in which you retrieve the application data to be merged into the form. As data retrieval and form logic are separated, you must only adapt the Smart Form if changes to the form logic are necessary. The application program passes the data via a function module interface to the Smart Form.

To develop a Smart Form you use the Form Builder in which you describe the attributes of the Smart Form by using the integrated graphical tools, such as the Form Painter for the layout of a form page or the Table Painter for the design of table output. The form logic is represented by a hierarchy structure (tree structure) that you construct of individual nodes together with the relevant attributes. Besides using existing nodes for global settings you may create, for example, nodes for the output of texts, of tables, or of graphics. To make changes, use Drag&Drop, Copy&Paste, and select different attributes. These actions do not require writing coding lines or using a Script language.

You can check individual nodes as well as the entire form and find any existing errors in the tree structure. The data flow analysis checks whether all fields (variables) have a defined value at the moment they are displayed.

Ususally this is done by the technical consultants.


The Windows Wordprocessor Integration (WWI) program is an enhancement of Microsoft Word that is called from the SAP system to edit a document template. It dies not require an expert knowledge.

WWI allows you to create language-independent document templates using symbols. Various tools make it easier for you to create templates with the correct syntax:

  • The parallel display of the symbol tree, the document template in Microsoft Word, and the tab pages for editing the various symbol and control object types on one screen with different windows gives you a better overview when working

You can design, print safety data sheets, standard operating procedures, trem cards, waste manifest and labels along with barcodes using WWI and can print in high volume to the tune of 37000 labels using HVP.

This is designed by the functional consultants.

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Dear Suresh

only small add on to very good explanations of Edward and Dinesh:

WWI is used in SAP EHS Managemnt to print "something". Smart Forms are used in Logistic part of SAP to print something.

WWI has been created because of the fact that in EHS you have "more complex" documents as in comparisonto logistic documents. E.g. DG documents are "simple". A SDS/MSDS  can not be designed with Smart Forms. Labels the same. Here WWI is the only tool. There is a trend of SAP to use in EHS context Adobe Forms. But only for very "simple" documents.


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Hello Chris,

Can we design ghs label in smartforms or adobe forms ? what are the main challenges .I have used adobe for ehsm reports(rohs complianet reports )  but not for ehs label .Do you have more insights in this . I found a link for label in smart forms though in the link below for reference .



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Dear S P

original one is shown here:

Let us start with "basics", EHS is designed to store lot of data; GHS is one example; the "printing" technique is WWI. Only with EHSM (component extenstion of EHS) now Adobe documents are coming up; the same in context of SAP Product and REACH Compliance one.

So if you use SAP EHS to store the data WWI is the choice; There is no "!standard" interface available (like with WWI) to select the data  and I am clearl not the samrtform nor adobe forms expert but: if we talk about labeling only WWI is the tool you will get results. My expectation (based on several discussion with a lot of people): WWI will be the future tool and nothing else for SAP EHS (especially GLM) topics; may be in 5 years something might "happen" so that SAP might use different approach; as there is no chance for "converting" SAP must support in any case any company using SAP EHS WWI for the next years.

BUt there is a "real" chance for simpe" labels to design it using Smartforms etc.; but then you need to go the "classic" approach (which is in my opinion not as fexible as WWI)

With EnhPack 7 GLM has enhanced a lot. It can be expected that may be with higher versions additional improvementzs might be done (currently: there I hav no idnicaiton about development of EnhPAck 😎 and what might be "in"; my assumption would be that 2015 the next EnhPack should be avaiaible; but may be somebody different has some insight here


PS: please use SCN inquiry function;  you will find a lot of threads like this:

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Hi Suresh,

I don't no what is your expatiation, If you are google it 1000 of documents available for smart forms and WWI templates

Here you can go . you will get some basic idea about these.

Smart forms

WWI Template

WWI Templates

WWI Template