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Difference between SAP EHS Expert Server and SAP OCC

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I know that SAP EHS Expert Server is used for Secondary Data Determination.

But, what is the need/use of SAP EHS OCC. Whether this is also used for finding out the secondary data.

Please help me on this issue.

Thanks in advance,



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vignesh,

The OCC is used to load regulatory data as delivered by SERC. Some of the data that have been loaded may then be use by expert as input.


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Hello all

only as an add on: to my knowledge by downloding the recent version of WWI you receive on the top the OCC and the Expert software. Only by checking the downloaded data you will get a "better" documentation regarding WWI, OCC and Expert Server and the related set up. The customizing part is only partly explained in SPRO.

OCC is used normally to upload XML based files. OCC and Expert are similar as they are represented by an user exit. Both need not only customizing adaptions but further configuration steps.

The "Expert" is installed "similar" to WWI. Therefore you need normally a seperate server. In contrast to WWI no local installation is needed. OCC is used to my knowlede with out a server.

Regarding OCC: refer to:


EH&S Open Content Connector

Regarding Easy Expert:

With best regards


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