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Hi Experts,

Could any one kindly help me in explaining the differences between UDS and PCo i.e.

1.) Which one to use and when

2.) The main differences between the two

3.) Advantages and Disadvantages of one over the another

Also, Could any one kindly outline the procedure of migration from MII v11.5 to v14.0 like what all needs to be done and what should be taken care of while performing it.



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Answers (3)

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Aside from the PCo Notification feature it also allows you visibility into the Secondary and Meta-data around the tag and tag values recorded in the tag based systems that you are working with.  There are additional management features that PCo provides around localization support and registration into the SLD for remote monitoring of PCo agents:

Hope this helps,


PS: The UDS is out of standard maintenance and should be replaced by PCo ASAP.  You can open up a legacy port for the PCo Agents which will "act" like the UDS did and still allow you to leverage your Tag Query Templates.

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Hi Praveen,

One definitive advantage PCo gives is the Notification service.

Have a look at this link for further information regarding the notifications:

SAP Library - SAP Plant Connectivity


Rohit Negi.

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Hi Praveen,

Both are used for Tag based queries.

Till 12.1, UDS connector is the only one connector which connect Tag based Data stores. After 12.2 ver. introduced Pco connector for Tag based data.

Through Pco Connector, we can browse more than 128 tags per execution.

UDS Connector Overview

PCo Connector - Data Services - SAP Library

For Migration:

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence 14.0 – SAP Help Portal Page

goto Upgrade Guide file.


Praveen Reddy