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diff b/w fixedquery & fixedquerywithoutput

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Can anyone tell me the exact fifference between FixedQuery , FixedQueryWithOutput & Command



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kamala,

here is the help documentation about the modes:

+ The Command mode allows for the use of SQL commands that do not return data, such as UPDATE,

INSERT, DELETE, or execution of a stored procedure that performs some type of data management

function. The Query parameter is used in conjunction with the Command mode to tell the IDBC what

SQL command to execute.

+ FixedQuery mode requires that the entire SQL statement be passed via the Query and QueryParams

parameters. For standard SQL queries, only the Query parameter would typically be used.

+ FixedQueryWithOutput. This mode is used to execute an Oracle stored procedure or function that

returns a REF CURSOR as output. The position of the REF CURSOR is marked by a "?" in the query.

Complete description you will find here:

Hope this helps.



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Thankyou Pedro Iglesias

The Link which u have mentioned was very helpful to me



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