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Hi SAP EHS Experts..!

Can we use WWI for creating report templates for printing DG relevant documents like DG Declaration, Bill of Lading for DG material...? Is it possible..? am new to this SAP-EHS so i know a little about using symbols in WWI... I don't know whether a provision is available for creating symbols for data (required for DG declaration form) other than DG material master data or already symbols for data like shipper address, consignee address, sales order etc...?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Subhash,

If you ask, the DG declarations can be developed in WWi? Yes, it is possible.

But this is not the best practice/ advisable to follow for most of the business cases.

There is a huge difference between the other reports like MSDS/ Labels and these DG declaration forms.

I can see the main difference would be the quantities (net weight/ gross weight), packages, Packing groups  must be extract to these DG declaration forms. other than the standard characteristics like UN numbers and Transport classifications.

The above things differes from one delivery to other. and one shipment to other (if the documents be made at shipment level).

Hence you can't use the staged report, which has been released some time back.

every time it needs to be generated with the operational/ running data based on the delivery/ shipments with the quantities and packaging information.

SAP has provided the layouts and programs to support the same.

check with the standard layout - RVDELNOTE and program - RVADDN01

the same program we use to develope either forms/ Adobe forms.

the same forms can be triggered with the output of delivery/ shipments.



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Dear Subash

only very small add on to explanations of Kamal: in contrast to MSDS shipment there is "less" integration to print WWI documents like " DG Declaration, Bill of Lading" in SAP SD process. The use of sapscript/smartforms,adobe forms for these type of documents is standard and the print of these documents is integrated very well in SAP SD process.

Regarding symbols (e.g. already symbols for data like shipper address, consignee address, sales order etc...?): the "same" problems can come up in GLM as well; therefore SAP EH&S provide a number of standard symbols to retrieve data; the "real life" shows that you need to build you own one especially in GLM. The same might be true in DG area as well.

Based on portfolio of the companies to print DG data using the SAP standard might not be an easy task. Here as well customer specific solutions are required (example: so called multi component parts; here legal requirement is to print DG data of both components on the papers).


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