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DG Phrase Export from ECC to TM

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During DG Filling, some phrases like Hazard Inducers, Dangerous Goods description etc., get created automatically in the DG Master. These phrases have an internal number range in ECC. The number range for phrases in TM is maintained as external, with the same number range maintained in ECC, so that phrases imported into TM from ECC have the same phrase keys as ECC. However, the transfer fails, with the error - Phrase key  is not within valid range.

Any thoughts on how to transfer internally generated DG phrases from ECC to TM?

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Dear Sruthi

I do not have personal experience in SAP ECC <=> SAP TM connection. But as we are talking about Phrase ALE distribution (I assume) the set up in SAP TM (regarding number ranges, phrase groups and other relevant stuff to make ALE happen) must be the same. But according to your explanation: set up off SAP ECC and SAP TM seems to be the same. Therefore strange result. As ALE is an "old" technique to distribute data I assume there is no recent OSS etc. Can you creae the phrase in SAP TM manually ? using the same key number etc.


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Dear sruthi

Dangerous Goods Content Management is one of the key functionality In SAP Transportation Management component. For loading DG Content in to TM system seems you are transferring the data from EHS-DG Master. here you have one more option for Loading DG Content by using Data provider SERC tool ,which you can download the data from service market place and upload in to TM by using content loader

The content comprises dangerous goods (DG) regulations, regulation texts (for example, substance names), phrases, and the required Customizing data. Based on the content, the content loader generates DG master data records in SAP TM.

The content loader is particularly useful if you do not have the required master data for dangerous goods in your SAP TM system. For example, if you are a logistics service provider (LSP) who receives dangerous goods data from shippers. You can use the generated DG master data records as templates for document-based dangerous goods records and as the basis for consistency checks (for example, to check whether a shipper has provided the correct temperature data for the corresponding UN number).

Coming to your issue seems it is due to non compatable external number range in SAP TM , change the external number range customization in TM and import the phrases again.