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DG message """Dangerous goods master record is not released"

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Hello Experts

I have referenced the Material into the specification in material reference and also maintained the DGP1.

The issue I face is when I create the delivery and try to pick it doens allow me throwing a DG message ""Dangerous goods master record is not released""

I tried to go to DGPREL and the product is released. So not sure what step I am missing?

Any ideas



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Hi SK..

This may happen if the DG master you created either via DGP1 or Filling process has its processing status not in the released state.

Method 1.

Please go to DGP2, enter the material, check for the item detail for the regulation and change its processing status to released.

Method 2.

Goto to the specification workbench (CG02BD), check for the processing status in the 'Transport Classification' tab for the regulation of the corresponding DG Classification. Make the proc. status 10 and mark the release status check box.

If you follow the method 2, do the filling process once again for the substance.

Hope this would help.



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Hi Chris

I have followed the steps and released it .

Now it is throwing me a new error  " No dangerous goods master record found" and not allowing to pick my delivery?

But I do see DGP1 record so not sure what else it is checking...

Can you let me know?



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Hi Srikanth

Seems its a technical issue with system ,Refer the note 1157472 ,It may be helpful in resolving issue.


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Hi Srikanth

Your issue is resolved or not , If not resolved perform the below configurations , you will not get the warning messages

Go to  SPRO and access the  'Environment, Health and Safety -> Dangerous Goods Management -> Dangerous

Goods Checks and Dangerous Goods Documents -> Common Settings -> Specify Indicators for Transport'

Maintain entries as mentioned in below screen shot

- RELEASED = Product is released

- NOT_PERM = Transport not permitted

- NOT_DG = Not dangerous goods

- LQ = Limited Quantity

- RQ = Reportable Quantity

- CC = Consumer Commodity

- PACK_GOOD = Packed Goods

- EQ = Excepted Quantity

- HIGH_VISC = Exemption: Highly Viscous

- LIST_GOOD = Listed Goods

- DE_MIN_EX = De minimis exception

Select the Indicator and Assign the regulations ( Ex:- here iam selected Product release indicator and assigned the all transport regulations)

And also check the above said entries are maintained or not  in below path

'Environment, Health and Safety -> Dangerous Goods Management ->Dangerous Goods Product Release -> Specify Indicators for Transport'.

Save the entries and execute the T.Code "DGPREL"

Select the material and go to DG Master record and click on Product Release Tab and selected transport indicator field and select the released drop down menu as mentioned in below screen shot and save your entries and exit from this application.

Execute the T.Code for creation of outbound delivery (Here for Example take VL01No: Delivery with out order reference)

And maintain the Logistic details and select the Shipping route and click on DG Checks. Now you will not get the message.

Still if you are getting any warning messages even after configuring above steps , update the details message.

Refer the below  Document of  enhanced DG Functionilties in Ehp6.0