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Delivery/Sales Order information on SDS cover sheet

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Hi community,

I was asked to add delivery Information like sales order/delivery numbers or purchase order number from the customer stored in the corresponding sales order to be printed on the cover sheet.

I have found some standard symbols in the layout but they didn't appear.

I assume it didn't work because there might be multiple deliveries in one package sent to the customer.

Is there an easy way to realize this? Or does this require programming and creation of new Symbols?

Thank you in advance for your valid Feedback.

Best regards,


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Hello Gernot,

I have done that for a customer in the past by printing a table in the coversheet that contains the MATNR, Produktname, SDS /GenVar, Language and Report Version as well as the sales order / delivery number. For the delivery number I just used the one linked to the CVD1 Report Shipment entry for the SDS being shipped.

That works fine in case of first time shipments to customers.
However what information would you send on the cover sheet for a subsequent SDS shipping because of a new main version?

My solution was to not print that table but write the cover-letter in a way to make sure the customer understood why sometime a delivery number is present and sometime not.

Hope this helps



Hi Mark,

sorry for the late Reply.

I have another question. I know I have to create some symbols for realizing this and probably in an own symbol group so I can assign a customer own FM which can be coded out.

But I still don't know at which place I have to put this FM.

I know that the FM is called when a symbol of that Group is filled but is then all necessary information like bundling ID available? So I can find the concerned SDS that contains the delivery number which is needed for finding the correct information via document flow.

Can you give an advise here?

For subsequent calls it was decided not to print anything.

Best regards,