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Deleting Diagnoses EHSDIAGSL OH

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Hi Gurus, I need some help deleting diagnoses using EHSDIAGSL T-CODE

I've loaded some diagnoses using the import option, now I need to erase some of them

I know there are two tables:



The funny thing is that, after deleting a Diagnose (Using Delete option in EHSDIAGSL) it disappears from T7EHS00_DIAGSL but not from T7EHS00_DIAGSLT.

Am I using the right method to delete Diagnoses?

Do I've to delete manually the diagnose from T7EHS00_DIAGSLT?

Is there a Standard transaction to do this?

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If you go to SE11 - T7EHS00_DIAGSLT, in the top Menu select Table Entry and there is an option to delete (one by one or all).

Best regards,

Catarina Malheiro Reymão