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Dangerous Goods Checks

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I have set up dangerous goods check customizing. I have created dangerous goods master for my material master and assigned dangerous goods profile GPP to my material. Still, I cannot perform Dangerous Goods Check (Menu Edit --> Dangerous Goods Check) because this function is not active (grey colour). Does anyone what could be the reason for this? Activation Business function or authorization problem?

Many thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,


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Answers (2)

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Dear Duc

as indicated by Gaurish

a.) you have a "master data piece" in the game

b.) and you have an "integration" piece in the game (integration SAP SD <> SAP EHS Integration)

For SAP EHS DG we do not have a "good" Best practise for set up. But the customizing part is quite simple (fi you know what you need to work on=


PS: SAP EHS DG set up depends a little bit on "Enhancement Package" and if or if not you have activated a "switch". Please check SAP help for all the Enhancements available in DG. On the top: Set up depends on the fact if you use e.g. "one time material" or "template" process

PPS: Dangerous goods topics are discussed rarely. Examples are:

Just use SCN query function


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Dear Duc,

Please check if you have maintained all the required customizing steps specified in the below link: