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Dangerous Good Description Maintenance error

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Hi Experts, while trying to maintain dangerous goods description I am getting error "Characteristic not assigned to phrase set features phrase check function."

I have followed below steps

1. Created Phrase Key using transaction CG12

2. Created Phrase set and assign it to Phrase Key PDGNUD

but I am not sure what and where I have to make changes in Phrase set to attribute assignment . In tables and structure I can see only two tables CCIHT_ANML and DGTM2. Under DGTM2 I can see only one field

ISDF_CERTIF while in my DEV environment I can see many other fields under same table . How to get additional fields where I can assign phrase set PDGNUD

.also I don't know if there will be any negative impact of executing Adopt Standard Specification Database structure and will it help resolving my issue .

Kindly guide me with the next steps so that I can maintain DG good description in classification view.

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some of the "DG" fields use "phrases". You must create phrase sets for these fields and assign the phrases to the phrase set and then "activate" this (so that you can really select the phrase), This is a basic DG set up. And a basic EHS BD set up.