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CVD1 entries with DG CL Sub

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Hi Experts, for some of our materials with small packages are not DG, so we additionally assign those materials to a non-regulated DG CL sub as exception for DG logic.

However in this way, since the same material is linked to two specifications, one real sub, one DG CL Sub, it will create two entries in CVD1.

Do you have any idea how to get rid of those entries assigned to DG CL Sub in CVD1?


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Hello John,

you can solve the issue by assigning property SAP_EHS_0101_001 "MSDS requirement" to the DG_CL_SUB property tree and maintain the char SAP_EHS_0101_001_MSDS_CHECK "Mat. Safety Data Sheet Shipng" with 1 (not required) for the DG_CL_SUB. Make also sure that enviroment parameter

SRE_DS_CHECK_VACLID is set to the equivalent rating (f.i. PUBLIC).

Best regards,


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Looks cool! Thanks Ute.

We will have a try for that later.