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Custom Action block: XML output

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I am trying to develop custom action block in java which will generate xml output for SAP MII. I can successfully create output in String,integer, Boolean for custom action block but for XML output i don't know how to generate.

In java there is no datatype for XML, So how we can map XML output to custom action block in sap mii?

Please help me in this issue.



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Hi Manjiri,

you don't need a custom action block. I also use xml as output.

You have to use XDSs to generate a valid XML-document.

Example to use XSDs in MII:

Best Regards,


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Thank you for reply. But My query is specific to custom action block development using java code for MII . I know we can generate XML in MII .

I am developing custom action block for reading word file. My java output is string which is separated by delimiter. Instead of string i want to generate XML output for better performance.

@Outputs(names = { PARAM_OUTPUT_STRING }, types = { })

instance.setActionResult(PARAM_OUTPUT_STRING, sampleXml).

In this code , what should be sampleXml??

In java there is no data type called xml. So what input is expected for sampleXml variable????

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Try looking at the class found in the  .


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