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Creation of PS Project via PPM item

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Can we use Standard Project in SAP PS to automatically create PS structure after saving of PPM item ?

How do we achieve it ?

I have another issue. In configuration node SAP Portfolio and Project Management --> Portfolio Management --> Global Customizing --> Portfolio-Independent Settings --> Map item type to Project or PS

I do not get value for "Project definition" in the screen below when I put the Project ID. Also for "Project ID" field I do not get the values through Search.

There should not be issue in RFC connection, becasue on Item webdynpro screen when I search PS project via Object link I get the values there.

So somehow I am not able to copy PS Project and create new one.

Other configuration setting as below -



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Answers (2)

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Hello Ashish

I presume you have set up the DFM Object link types correctly (OINMPSPD specifically)

Then. From what I have seen a standard project is not being picked up but that an operational Project is (Therefore a project created through CJ20N or CJ01 and not a template created through CJ91). When you then do the mapping in the config as you described above, you need to put the actual PS project in the search and the system will retrive the internal key.

In summary therefore I am not sure if a standard can be used but an operative project can be - perhaps you can check this in your system?



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Hi Ashish,

In order to link PS project to item type, you have to enter the project ID.

To find it, you have to go to table PROJ and take PSPNR field.

Once you have that information, enter the value of PSPNR field in ID project field in customizing.

Let me know if it works,