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Creation of Component New Types

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HI All,

This might seem to be very simple question- but we are bit confused as to how the component types created in Component Settings -> Specify Component Types for Compositions are linked to the component types accessible in the Composition Tab of GHS Labeling (EMEA) property.

1. Created New Composition Types:

2. Can see the new composition Types in the Composition Tab:

3. We Don't have any settings maintained in Specify Context-Specific Component Types

Can you please help.


Gaurish Dessai

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Gaurish,

The component type is a general setting defining a new component type. When you assign it to context specific setting it will only get reflected for that particular composition type. For example you have certain component which you want to be displayed only for standard composition you can make use of context specific settings.

Thanks and Regards


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Thanks Jaya for the response!

I completely missed the setting in Specify Context-Specific Component Types --> SUB_COMP_STD_DIALOG.

Works fine now! 🙂

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Answers (1)

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Dear Gaurish

only small add on to the very good explanation of Jayakumar. For any property of type "composition" you can as well use an "exception value". And this exception value can be different by "value assignment type" (that means the list of potential values can be different)

The use of "component types" is company specific (same for exception value). If you use e.g. content: you need not to think about (just take the values as populated). But if you create new ones/one you need to ask your self:

- why do i need this component type?

- is the component type a steering factor for a rule set?

- is the component type a steering factor of WWI layouting

- etc.

In most case: try to use the most simple approach (if you use to many component types you need to explain the use of them to the end users)


PS: e.g. check:

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Thanks C.B for the response! These were required for the Trade Secret functionality in new SERC 1705 Update. Understood your thought process! Cheers!