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Creation of Authorization Roles for Country Specific Users to Access only Certain Properties

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HI All,

I wanted information on a requirement that I have. I need to create Country specific Role Profiles must be defined for people who will create and maintain the local SDS. This includes restricting the access of in-country users to only the appropriate properties i.e. requiring authorization at the property level.

Can you provide me some Idea on how I should go about this, any Link with Details, etc.

Thanks & Regards,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Gaurish

your demand is quite standard. There is only a "but": nearly 60% of the properties are "global" ones and not "local" ones. That means e.g. "density" data should be valid "global". But e.g. in the context of GHS, OEL etc. local data is required. The access concept is therefore not always prepared on level of VAT/property; e.g. a french guy need to maintain the OEL; the same for the german guy; but there is only one VAT. So the differentiation is done in most cases on usage level. But you need to differentiate the maintenance in CG02/CG02BD from the topic of generation and releasing SDS. Here as well access concepts are used.

Any access conept is very "company" specific. Just check the available objects which are used to "control"/"Set up" access rights. E.g.:

SAP EHS user list and Authorizations | SCN

E.g. consolut - Complete Authorization Object Documentation From /AAA up to E

might helps as well.

On top: Access cocnept depends on release you are using. Higher releases does have more authorization objects as in the past. So access concept is not only company specific but release specific as well.

Topic of access concept is discussed "rarely" here.

May be check "Best practise" approach; which is discussed very often here to get idea about access concept.


PS: may be check:

consolut - C_SHES_TVH - EHS: Specification Value Assgmt with Reference to a Spec.

Authorization check with usage profile in user parameter

Define Authorizations - Product Safety - SAP Library

(sorry describes only old releases but good starting point)

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Hi Christoph,

Thank You for your Inputs. It really helped.



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