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Creating simple WWI report

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Hello All,

Can someone kindly write down very basic steps by which I can create a simple WWI report by extracting some field values from Property tree of specification.

Thanks in advance,


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I was asking this because how does one create

1. Ingredient Statement from just Specifications using WWI

2. I see something like Product Labeling under Recipe Management. Is WWI different from Product Labeling (under Recipe management). Does WWI also create Labels (nutritional facts, ingredient statements, Dietary Information), in addition to MSDS, SOP reports.

Can you throw some light.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Sachin,

For generating ingredient statement from specification, may be you can try to use VAT Composition in Standard Property tree.

Here you have option of maintaining ingredients / components with its value and any upper / lower limit range for a specification.

You can create a table strucuture in your layout with symbols defined for this values.

I do not know much about receipe management so will not be able to help you on what can be done with Receipe Mangement, but yes, labels are generated through WWI only.



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Hello Sachin

to my knowlegde WWI is integrated in most of the EH&S submodules. The SAP standard can be used to generate a high number of report symbols which are connected to the different submodules and the SAP EH&S set up can be used to generate if necessary very easily customer specific symbols.

Further on WWI as a "printing" technique etc. has grown a lot in the recent years. Here I can give only a small summary:

With the recent releases of SAP EH&S you can use e.g. a "report template" in a "report template" which is a good starting point in my opinion to handle better the WWI topic. Further on SAP has increased the possibilites in using so called "place holder phrases". One is linked to a "old" relase (related majnly to DG management topics) and a new one which has been prepared recently.

It is a good idea to do a small inquiry in SAP marketplace to find the corrresponding OSS.

As Recipe Management uses in the background to my knowlegde the EH&S indicates that you can use WWI to derive data using WWI from Recipe Management too (Sorry: I have too no experience here).

If you perform an inquiry in SDN you will find a high number of entries regarding "Recipe Management" and in some of them I have seen that similar questions have been asked and answered (how to derive data using WWI). Now coming back to what Niraj said:

If you take a look in cg54 and cg50 you will see a number of "report applications".

Therefore the WWI technique to my knowlegde can now be used in really any EH&S submodule you can think about.

WWI is normally used to generate MSDS, SOP, Lables etc. but can be used ot my knowlege in EH&S IH and OH as well to "print" data in a report.

MSDS and Lables are "special" from my point of view because of SAP history. The reason is simple. The generation of especially a MSDS or a lable will drive most of your EH&S acitvities in most companyies. Further on SOPs (Standad operating measuress) are used often and in the past in europe tremcards. The generation of a MSDS or a SOP was one of the first major topics which SAP solved with EH&S. Later on (i believe with SAp enterprise Extenstion 2.0) GLM has been introduced

What is really important is to understand the link between the "substance generation variant" the "report template" and the "report application".

Personally I would suggest that you try to "print" e.g. an identifier as the first step to get expericene in using WWI. From the "technical point of view" such a report layout and generation variant etc. can be created within not more than 2 hours if you have a basic idea of WWI.

With best regards


Shipped with EH&S there is are some "default WWI" layout (which can be found in the corresponding folder in the WWI on your client).

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