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create project from portfolio item (options Project in PPM or PS)

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hello PPM experts, the system I use is a PPM 1.0 for S/4 HANA 1610.

Why some portfolios has the "project" option in the item header and other portfolios does not have it? how could it be activated? see example bellow:

project can be created:

project can´t be created:

does the option in portfolio item that allows to create project also creates one project in PS and PPM project management?



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Hi Fabio,

the pushbutton 'Project' appears as soon as a project is assigned to an item, this is the case in your first screenshot. In your 2nd screenshot, no project has been saved so far, for this you need to set the flag 'Create project on saving' and select a project template. Once you save, the button appears and you can navigate to the project.

Depending on the item type (SPRO transaction: IMG 'Define Portfolio Item Types'), you may be able to create a Project System project or Project Management project while creating an item. The project is created when you save the new item. In standard, only one project can be attached to an item at a time. To achieve the creation of a PS and PPM project at the same time when an item is created, you can proceed as follows:

- create a PPM project type (IMG 'Define Project Types') with active accounting integration and transfer type 'Always automatic when saving' (ensure that the accounting integration is correctly set up in PPM and works)
- create a project template (UI: 'Portfolio and Project Administration')
- map this project template to an item type, for which a PPM project creation is customized (IMG 'Map Item Type to Project or PS' > 'Item Type to Project Templates')
- create an item of this type, set the flag for project creation (if it is not defaulted in item type customizing) and select the project template
- save

The 'Project' button appears and you can navigate to the PPM project. The PPM project should have status 'Transferred - Assigned' and a PS project is created (see 'Accounting' tab).