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Create Dangerous Goods master(T-code :DGP1) using Excel Upload.

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The requirement is i need to create Dangerous Goods master (T-code :DGP1) using Excel upload, here material is already their i don't need to get using IDoc. Please let me know any bapi i can use or shall i go for BDC. All i need is to update three tables DGTMD DGTM2 and CCDUTTRAPPR.

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Thank you Christoph for the response.

I am new to EHS and as per the business they ask me to update 3 table DGTMD DGTM2 and CCDUTTRAPPR and they will update the material in system and then they will update the Excel for the upload. when i searched i found out about DGP1 creation for Dangerous Goods master. I need to create one custom program and upload excel sheet and i guess run DGP1.

Someone said : I had to add all 3 BAPIS for "DangerousGood" (GetDetailMultiple ….) in transaction BD64.

What are those 3 bapis.

Please i really need some more clarification here.

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Hello Paul

a.) if you are new to EHS: Stop the work; you need an experienced technical person here

b.) As explained: Just use "BAPI" explorer (e.g. BAPI_DANGEROUSGOOD_SAVREPMUL)

c.) My understanding is: before you would like to load data you would like to check: which data is present; and then do an "update" or "delete"; therefore you would like to know other useful "BAPIs"

You should use a process which is "E2E" and so you will not need DGP1


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there is nothing in place to be used "out of the box"

1.) BDC: you can not use

2.) BAPI: you can try to use; but anything is to be done by your own; please check BAPI explorer in SAP to find the right BAPI

3.) DG ALE: the best option (check SAP EHS online help for ALE Message type etc:)

I found one thread like

Which is may be a good starting position


PS: more or less same ques´tion has still been dsicussed here:



could be of interest as well (in the Wiki you will find a subsection regarding DG story)