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cProjects Planned costs not replicating in PS

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We are on PPM5.0. We are able to create cProjects Project and replicate to PS upon u201CFlag for transferu201D.

We also have cost/revenue rates, for roles. We have roles assigned to tasks, and intend to transfer the costs (product of cost-rate and role-task-assignment hours) to show up in PS.

We are not using the HR org. The question is regarding the cost element and activity types.

After replicating the Project Type, Cost/revenue rate from cProjects to the accounting system, we link a cost element, activity type to the Cost/Rev rate.

Suppose, we have Cost Element u201CCu201D, and Acticity Type u201CAu201D, linked to the Cost/Revenue rate (the Org. is marked to u201C0u201D). How do we need to link the corresponding u201CCu201D, and u201CAu201D to the WBS elements to be able to see the Planned Costs?

Currently, we get Planned Values as 0, and are not sure whatu2019s more to be done to get the planned costs.

Please advise.


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You have rates maintained I assume.

One thing worth checking is the "tick" box called "costing" in spro>cProjects->Connection to external systems>Accounting integeration--->Make General settings.

You should have a cost/rev rate with correct validities which should be replicated in SAP PS as well.Also, do "Replicate accounting relevant charateristics".

PS: I am no expert in this area so try and test your changes.

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As I stated in the post, the cost/rev rate is replicating in the accounting system.

It's here that I assign the Cost Element and Activity type to the cost rate (Org. is not being used, and I use a "0"),

Not too sure where/how on PS side must I align these cost element and activity type for the cPro costs to flow to PS.