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cProjects 4.5 - How to activate the "New Gantt Design"-Feature?

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Hello everyone,

when I select a project in our cProjects 4.5 installation an navigate to the Gantt-Chart, the bars used in the chart are "old-style" cProjects-bars. I have read about the Feature "New Gantt Design" on this page ( [original link is broken] ) and now I am wondering how to activate the new visualization options. There is an example screen:

Does anyone have any hints for me? Thanks in advance!

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I guess that's a joke?

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Hi CoreKeeper,

I suggest you open a message to SAP, since the new style Gantt Chart should be installed with your 4.5 version. There are notes you can implement to change it from old fashion to new one, but your system is definitely not working as it is supposed to be.

Kind regards,