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CProject in ECC6 can act as a Stand alone?

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Hi all,

Can i use cProject in ECC6 as a stand alone system? If yes, please explain how it is possible.

Thanks and regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vetrivel,

You can always use cProject system as a stand alone. In this case you can't carry out accounting ( No FICO Integrated), You need to create business partner in cProject (No HR integration), You can manage document in cProjects and no SAP DMS integration.

By using cProject system stand alone you can do only Project planning and execution.


Karan Hon.

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Hi Karan,

Thanks for your reply. i have one more query, Is it possible to integrate the stand alone cproject with SAP-PS ECC6?. If so, could please tell me how is it?

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Vetrivel,

the answer to your question depends on the precise reqirement.

If you consider object links from cProjects to some PS objects (or any other object on any other system reachable via RFC) as PS-integration, then the answer is yes.

If on the other hand you want to "replicate" (or map) the cProjects project into PS, that's not possible without FICO-integration to ERP, so the answer is no for this requirement.

I hope this provides some help.

Best regards,


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Hi etrivel,

We can integrate SAP cProjects with PS also.

The integration can be done through WBS element.

This tab is there in spro cprojects Connection to external systems account integration and Define object links for account integration. if you enable the node single object controlling WBS element you can integrate cProjects with PS.



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