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Corrupted PS files after WWI server upgrade

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Hi @all,

we just set up a new WWI server (version EHSWWI32_26-20000084 on a Windows Server 2008 R2) for our system (ECC 6.00) and we are facing the following problem: the PS files created for the external print provider are corrupt now. We changed printers from Lexmark Optra T610 PS to Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

PS file from Lexmark Optra T610 PS looks like this:

%-12345X@PJL JOB



%%Title: Microsoft Word - R0422325.rtf

%%Creator: PScript5.dll Version 5.2.2

%%CreationDate: 4/25/2011 11:50:34

%%For: LindeService

%%BoundingBox: (atend)

%%Pages: (atend)

%%Orientation: Portrait

%%PageOrder: Special

%%DocumentNeededResources: (atend)

%%DocumentSuppliedResources: (atend)

%%DocumentData: Clean7Bit

%%TargetDevice: (Lexmark Optra T610 Laser Printer) (3010)

%%LanguageLevel: 3



%%PageBoundingBox: 10 13 588 829

%%ViewingOrientation: 1 0 0 1


PS file from Microsoft XPS Document Writer looks like this:

Directory: /usr/sap/interfaces//EDI/GB/EHS/OUT/EHS_MDMP








PK "hù> Metadata/Job_PT.xmlíWÛr£8 }ߪùu2021 ï pu2019¾]Iu0152u0161 |ÙÁ16àË k- ÂØóõÛò=;ãÄu2122ÛÓ¨F :§¼£V¡¸ý¸u0152ÙÅu201Ad9åɝRu0161Ôu201D u2019 <¤It§¸Žùžª|u0178÷Çmu0161?Õ{ Mu201ECu01929 Kò:öÞ)3!ÒºªæÁu0152Ä~~ Ó ã9 u2014 Õu2019&!/sõJÓŽU­ªu0152u2019 É7u2022

æ)ócRòlŽliu20149ÝÓu2013eyY^_ò,u2019 ud} Qïiu2019 ? È žŽRŽ  &u0161u2020åüu2026|Pñ÷¾u2026ÌÉ

u2014 æê ºLó EL QfTLÙ+7ÿ Êí *÷u203A

ò¼u2019h¼Pqu2018`ýNÙ, _E¤A 1 É ñÓ|ÆÅ äù (y]R  u0152õ\u00A0Hu0161wl=u2026u0152 A¤/ eÁ´ÔchÙÐ } &u20AC[B u2020-ûÿu2013 S[gÐu0178 °ß $.u2022ã'u0153žu201A}1 u20ACi fÔ ¾Û vãßu2021¸Úž è U BûAöïž /òu201Eëg Z¹÷5}ý ÁfÐPeùÆèw æRDè X XÙ u2013u01537Ç û¸e|Óu201Du2014ßåu2014 ûyӐ>kvžÁ¡m,Ž ž-ãA[Æu2026ÏЏÂ$Ò5Àu201C< Ý Óu2019ñÐýãR¯@Su201Cñ¥ØÆu2022u2018Ä!^u0192u0152u2039ñCu2019²"hyu0161 ³ u0152IϝW §â

lÍ wî9}cié þ¨Ã ­oaèLu201C> â% &é4 ÀÑ&Mä ãaÈu0178 +ÑÞߎá¾u0153¥7 £u0153òu2021^ 6MÍ Ö

0õžËú Ûe. ÝÅ´u0161u0153u20268u20145u2021u20306Žjy8ê§Ó pŽõ5Ʋu{<ÒYÀº)u2030qáu0161žá


Has anybody experienced the same? Is changing the printer back to Lexmark the easiest/only way to get this fixed? Or is there anything else to try?

Best regards,


Additional information:

when I take a look on the corrupted PS file one thing is "special": the installed Microsoft printer is not mentioned in that file - but the not istalled Lexmark is. Does this sound familiar to some of you?

Edited by: Christoph Giehl on Jul 28, 2011 9:39 AM

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Answers (1)

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Hi Christopher,

Has anybody experienced the same? Is changing the printer back to Lexmark the easiest/only way to get this fixed? Or is there anything else to try?

The XPS printer/printer driver does not create post script. Therefore your printouts on Post Script printers will not work any more.

Change the printer driver back to the old printer driver, or any other printer driver that creates a post script file.

Hope this helps


P.s.: There is a generic post script printer driver from ADOBE, that in theory should work with all kinds of Post Script printers.

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Hi Mark,

we changed the printer back and now the PS files can be printed again.

BUT: now we are facing the problem that there is an error message on the WWI server itself and all files are stored in the respective generation path - one run filled 11 GB of data there. Error message is that the Microsoft printer - which has been deleted from the server and in the WWI.INI file - is missing.

Any idea on that?

Best rgards,


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Hello Christoph,

as you sure that the user that runs the WWI service has your new printer as default ?

Have a pleasant day,