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Convert No-Unicode to Unicode and Upgrade

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I have a system SAP ERP 6.0 NW 7.0 with Oracle 19, RHEL and is No-Unicode.
I want to convert No-Unidode to Unicode and upgrade to EHP08 SAP ERP 6.0 NW 7.5. with Oracle 19, RHEL
I searched any guide for the procedure how to convert the sytem and upgrade version, but the note "2547309 - Downtime-optimized DMO with SUM 2.0" indicate that I can not use the DMO because only is for target with SAP HANA and I have ORACLE.
In the note "3296457 - Central Note - Software Update Manager 2.0 SP18 [lmt_022]" indicate that I can use the SUM and is compatible source & target with ORACLE, but do not say that I can convert No-Unicode to Unicode in the same step.
Can you help me, with any sapnote or guide where indicate if is possible  convert No-Unicode to Unicode and upgrade to EHP08 SAP ERP 6.0 NW 7.5. with Oracle 19, RHEL in the same step or which is the correct procedure?
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I cannot view SAP notes, though I have prior experience migrating non-Unicode SAP systems to Unicode SAP. One tool we used back then was "O2O" or Oracle-to-Oracle that helped minimize downtime in an SAP-supported way.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear customer,

Combined Upgrade & Unicode Conversion (CU&UC) is not supported for target release NW 7.50 and higher.

The alternative would be to separate the processes - Unicode conversion followed by an upgrade.

The document Unicode_only_at_SAP_as_of_SAP_NetWeaver_7_5_201606.pdf attached to note 1322715 provides more information.

SAP note 928729 provides more details and also guides for relevant releases.

Best regards,

Shay Oberziger 

SAP Globalization Services


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