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Change in the behaviour of the value assignment type after the ECC upgrade

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Hello Team,

We have recently upgraded our system to ECC 6.

In the older version of SAP whenever we try to open a phrase related property (in a particular substance specification) it used to give a warning message upfront in case any of the phrases used is not assigned to the phrase set.

But with the upgraded version this upfront warning message doesnot appear and we have to click on individual phrases to check if that phrase has any issue or not. This is quite time consuming in the case several phrases has been assigned to a property.

Please let me know if we have any solution for this available.



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Hello Anoop

during our upgrade project we did not have the same problem. I have never heard about a similar problem. May be check OSS (SAP marketplace). Depending on the release you started may be you missed yome customizing to be done (if you started with SAP enterprise 4.7 Ext 1.1 the change is "dramatic"; if you started with SAP enterprise 4.7 Ext 2.0 changes should only be minor; in case of ECC 5.0: I believe there is no change.

a.) Do you have activated Enhancement Packages?

b.) do you use the "exit" to prepare "dynamic phrase sets"?

With best regards