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CG36VEN additional information

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Hi community,

I would like to add "addtional Information" during the Import via CG36VEN (class 017 from classification system) but I found just the way by Change document inforecord (CV02N) to add e.g. MSDS-Supplier or product number.

It is possible to add these Information during the Import CG36VEN directly and how can I use These additional Information for selections or valuations/reports???

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Holger,

The information associated via class-type 017 to the document is not used in standard processes in SAP EHS. You would need to build all functionality yourself.

If you add a Vendor in CG36VEN:

this information is stored in the EHS Dokument tables:

Again this is information only and no automated SAP standard processes uses that data to my knowledge.

Hope this helps



Hi Mark,

thanks, unfortunately what I expected...

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Dear Holger

small enhancement to what has been dicussed up to now:

Using CG36VEN you can not populate the characteristics as shown.

But by using standard report import you can do an upload for this data. This feature is not discussed often in the last 3 years.

One thread is shown here:

or here

Both will hopefully help you to understand the SAP standard process to populate these characteristics.

If you have uploaded data to the characteristics: you can not change the data in SAP EHS standard direct. The work arounds as you are using them: these are an option to change the data. But by using some of the "user exits" existing in CG50 / CG54 you can:

1.) prepare ABAP code to change the data if needed

2.) prepare ABAP code to "download" or "show" once again the data if needed

Mark is correct in his statement that the data as stored in the characteristics is not used in a different EHS process by standard.

If you are interested in something like this: just "extend" CG35VEN to enable the option to do an "upload" of data in the characteristics as shown: sorry to say: this is company specific solution but clearly possible.

The report import process should not be used by end users because of the many risks here and because of the fact that you need quite high access rights to do the job (and if you do the job wrong: there is a risk that SAP ís "crashing")

The other way around is discussed here: (export of data)


PS: check may be on top

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Hello Satya,

thanks but my question is more complex and regards to the classification (class 017)...

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Hello Holger Hartung,

CG36VEN is to import Vendor SDS, You can use the information provided in CG36VEN,

They can be take as inputs and used for searching the output or reports in CG54 report information system.