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cFolder force password change in cFolder URL

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We want to have the cFolder password changed during the 1st login for our external and internal IDs while logging in using the cFolder URL.

The force password change works only at the backend when the user logs in using the SAP GUI.

But our vendors do not have the SAP GUI so they keep using the admin password.

Is there a way where we can force the user to change the password in the web cFolder URL? As well as, change the password after these many days.

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Answers (3)

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in the cFolders standard logon screen a password change is not possible. But you could proceed as follows:

In transaction SICF you have the possibility to set a different logon screen. You can do that via your external alias for cFolders. Please go to the tab ERROR PAGES => LOGON ERRORS and set the

radio button for SYSTEM LOGON. Behind that button you will find the CONFIGURATION button for that screen.

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Hello, same problem. Did you find solution? We use cFolders with SAP SRM 7.3 bid decoupled and Two-Envelope Bidding scenario active.

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Is not possible in your ompany create cfolders users that don't need to change the password....?