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cFolder - BOM export

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I am having following scenario.

e.g. I am having Bill of Material - BOM_01 under which I have entered the following items.

1. Document - D1

2. Stock Item - L1

3. Non stock item -N1

4. Variable size item- R1

5. Text Item - T1

When I export the BOM through cfe02 tcode to cFolder then it transfer only L1, R1, and T1. Other item i.e D1 and N1 are not exported to cFolder.

Does cFolder allows only BOM item category - stock item, Variable size item and Text item for export?


Yogesh P

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the item categories D and N are explicitely taken out in the export of a BOM from ERP to cFolders:



  • do we support the item type ?

CHECK ls_itm_class_data-postp = 'L' OR

ls_itm_class_data-postp = 'R' OR

ls_itm_class_data-postp = 'T'.

and also not part of the s_item_Attributes.xml on cFolders side.

The latter can be easily extended, but above is hardwirded and hence would be a modification. I tried to override the above check in debugging and indeed a non-stock item was created on cFolders side, but attributes did not go through. So suppose there are other coding areas where the item category is considered.

Having said that, I'd suggest you work with documents linked to items, and wrt non-stock items not sure.

Regards, Ulf.

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Thanks Ulf.

I will keep you updating on the same.

Yogesh P